3D Dream Catchers

We use a variety of 3D frames to explode our dream catchers in three dimensions. Sometimes, we weave a path through the frames which brings about a twist in the surface. Some of them take on a character never before seen in dream catchers. Click here for instructions on how to make 3D dream catchers.

The Swan

This one is familiar to many who have seen 3D dream catchers. But the materials are unique. This one was made with rainbow colored rattail and parrot feathers. An arrowhead hangs in the middle.
The Mardi Gras

This one has a twist in the surface, and there are two separate surfaces. Each one, when viewed from one particular view, looks like a mardi gras mask. The materials for the one pictured include metallic thread in teal and magenta. Hanging in the middle is a small 2D dream catcher.